Video Optimization For Online Marketing

From the inception of the smartphone, mobile communication has taken a whole new leap. These devices are a true marvel and an indication, of how much we have advanced regarding technology from the time the telephone was devised. Smartphones have brought a whole new world of possibilities and uses from business to health and fitness. However, the major role of any phone resides on its capabilities on the communication front. These gadgets on their end have the most sophisticated system to facilitate this crucial role. An important feature of them is the introduction of video communication through their strong yet small cameras and processors. This, therefore, requires the service providers to do video optimization to reduce their starting time and also their re-buffering events. This facilitates in making the videos smaller hence reduces the bandwidth used in video communication sessions. There are various needs in the optimization of video, but portable communication has proven to be the biggest consumer of these services.

Events requiring optimization

Most devices would require video optimization for use with their multimedia files. However, due to the surge in the communication especial from half of the bandwidth of portable networks being used up by this form of information transfer. Therefore, most of the work in this arena is dedicated to their use. This is because of the current trend and also the future projections that indicate increased usage of this technology. Many different online businesses are using this technology to drive traffic to their websites such as attorneys, tax professionals, accountants, and law firms. Video optimization for lawyers, for example, can drive a significant amount of revenue from a quick and educational video on YouTube or Google.

Techniques used in optimization

Since this is a relatively new concept that has resulted from advances in technology in the field of communication to lower the size of bandwidth used in the process, there are several ways to fulfill this though most are still on development and improvement. Some of the techniques used for video optimization are:
• Pacing
This is a combination of techniques that are used in the traffic over network infrastructures by limiting the rate of transmission to avoid traffic bursts.
• Transcoding
This is a two-step process where data is converted from one encoding to another. It involves decoding and then re-coding the digital media and is particularly important in the low-grade optimization for streaming.
• Adaptive bit rate method
Commonly referred to as the ABR, this video streaming technology is used in solving most of the issues of streaming multimedia data that is of high bit rate. This is common with the traditionally encoded videos that require some specific target bit rate. These types of video need optimization to avoid slow starts during network congestion and times of high utilization. Working with a qualified online marketing team is going to help you get the best results for your video efforts. Do an online search for a company in your area, such as ‘find a Frederick SEO expert‘, ‘SEO company’, or ‘online marketing agency.’ We did a quick search for a Maryland video optimization company and found Hit Me SEO. Reputable companies such as Hit Me and others are easily available online.
• Transrating
This method of optimization is achieved by modifying the input stream of the video. By done both on the content and also on the device levels. At times, this modification can, also, be done on the networking medium though this is rare. This method only provides for the video quality modification while retaining its codes, resolution, and any other parameter.